Women Across the Water at The Show Gallery Lowertown, Saint Paul

Along with Zoe Cinel ’18, Sherry Muyuan He ’18,  Xiaohan Ma ’17 and MFA Faculty Gretchen Gasterland-Gustafsson, I participated in the group show  Women Across the Water at The Show Gallery Lowertown. The show was curated by MFA Alum Yijia Li ’17, who also contributed work.

Women Across the Water featured the work of seven female-identified artists who have relocated to the Twin Cities. The works reflect their experience and relationship to the Cities.

From The Show Gallery Lowertown, “through this project artists will consider why they live and work here, while local audience gains perspective on their familiar city and sees it with new eyes. Places we pass everyday but overlook may be resonant for others. This project inaugurates shared vision and brings diverse people to voice.

Through the project, we want not only to share our stories, but also encourage people like us, women artists from other places, to think about the stories that ushered them into this new community. More importantly, to the audience, especially local people, they can see the city through these artists’ eyes, and start to think about their city differently. To the viewers who are newly relocated here, they may find they are not alone, they may start to find such a place for themselves.”

Photography by Tom Bierlein.

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