It Takes Two Installation on view in TEDxMinneapolis: Why Not, 2017

In August 2017, the TEDxMinneapolis: Why Not? conference was held at the Cowles Center for Dance and Performing Arts in downtown Minneapolis. The conference focus was based on the notion that “communities seem as polarized and disconnected as ever.” Because “there’s an uncertainly when exploring new ideas, it seems impossible to enact change in meaningful ways.” TEDxMinneapolis 2017: Why Not? sought to remind people that “even the smallest action can ripple out an impact our world in ways greater than thought possible.” The conference invited attendees to “break out of old habits, tread new paths, and take action to matters that have only been seen as far off possibilities until now. Learn a new skill you’ve always wanted to try. Have the difficult conversations with others. Push beyond your boundaries and ask yourself and your community, ‘Why Not?’”

Along with MCAD MFA 2nd year student Zoe Cinel ’18, a multidisciplinary artist from Florence, Italy, I collaborated on a project that pushed us far outside both of our realms of expertise. Consulting product designers and utilizing the 3D shop on MCAD’s main campus, we built a two-person seat that encourages teamwork and communication.

“The It Takes Two seat reflects the notion that we cannot exist alone; we function as part of a society that demands communication with one another to operate. With this piece, we aim to highlight the importance of cooperation, openness, and dialogue, especially in these times of social and political discomfort.”

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