Font specimen based on Antonio Caro’s artwork + Group exhibition

Tangrama Graphic design Studio developed 4 fonts based on text work found in the artwork of Colombian artist Antonio Caro. For its release, Tangrama organized a group exhibition of posters developed with said fonts. I was invited to participate along with Carlos Alfonso, Cristian Arias, BastardaType, Ricardo Báez, Santiago Caicedo, Andrea Carrillo, Fer Cozzi, Juan Esteban Duque Arcila, Mesa Estándar, Andrés Fresneda, Laura Gamboa, Valeria Giraldo Restrepo, Ana Victoria Guzmán, Óscar Guerrero, Julian Moncada, Lucas Ospina, César Puertas, Eddy R. Reinoso, Hernán Sansone, Francisco Toquica y Pedro Zylbersztajn. 


The exhibition and release event was on December 7, 2019.


You can download the fonts for free (Creative Commons, No derivatives Attribution) here


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