Poster for From Us exhibition

This poster was made for the exhibition From Us: Together Forever Sometimes at Gamut Gallery, Minneapolis, on March-April 2020.

This piece is based on a poem coauthored by Molly-Margaret Johnson & Kareem Rahma that reads:


I used to think you had a halo.

Which I later saw was a

neon vacancy light.

Never going out,

even when I rented

every room within you.


This poem evoked in me the lonely and isolating feeling of a highway at night time, and the distant flicker of a motel sign. To achieve my vision, I used roofing felt as a surface, which provided me with a rough texture resembling a road at night. Additionally, I composed a type design stencil and used spray paint to create the illusion of a neon sign. I used a translucent paper on top to share the prose as it was provided.

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