Aether Set No. 0

With a collection of reflections, poetry and graphics, I have produced the first installment of a serial publication titled Aether, driven to challenge my understanding (or lack thereof) of “ethereal” concepts—and the words that illustrate them—that we may find hard to decode.

I examined the concepts of dichotomy, decision making, clarity and obfuscation, fate, and chance, as drivers and co-authors of our personal story.

With those in mind, I embarked on a research of readings such as the I Ching, Lucretius’s De Rerum Natura, and Leibniz’s earlier developments of the binary numeral system.

The Aether Set No. 0 consists of a riso-printed Poetry/Reflective zine—with a reflective paper insert and hand-made die-cuts throughout—, a riso-printed poster, and a gold-foil sticker.

The zine and poster were printed by Taller Colmillo, in Bogotá, Colombia. To get a copy of Aether Set No. 0, go here.