La Buena Vida / The Good Life, at The White Page Gallery

Along with fellow MCAD MFA candidate Camilo Aguirre, we were selected to present our collaborative project titled La Buena Vida / The Good Life at The White Page Gallery, in February 2020. This exhibition was up from February 17-23, 2020.

Based on the Andean concept of “Buen Vivir” (Good Living), we strive to draw a parallel of our experiences in the United States as resident aliens and in Colombia as citizens. Through art, our chosen profession, we are questioning the contemporary normalization of individuals in their societies: How much should an average 30-year-old person have accomplished in the United States, or in Colombia? 

The outcome of this project was fifteen visual pieces and a zine-notebook. At the reception, we discussed what constitutes living a “good life” in the United States of America in comparison with that of Colombia, our country of origin. We also invited people to register their insights on the notebooks and leave them as an archive of further dialogues and voices.

To see an interview on our collaborative work process, click here.


Photo by Alejandro Zhang.


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